Our Sister Centers 

ECMI – Sister Centers
ECMI – Sister Centers
Center for Innovation Marketing and Strategy (CIMS)

CIMS develops and provides thought leadership in the field of innovation marketing and strategy. CIMS conceptualizes and executes research in the domain of innovation marketing and strategy with dual impact, across academic profession and practice. CIMS serves as a meeting place for like-minded thought leaders and facilitates the exchange of doctoral students and faculty within Europe.

CIMS includes some of the world’s most preeminent thought leaders in the domains of marketing and innovation. Moreover, through our global network of partners, CIMS enables in-depth collaboration between academic researchers and practitioners from around the world to help firms to understand how can marketing and innovation contribute to higher growth.

ECMI Ghent

ECMI Ghent reaches out to companies to discover and collaborate on topics of high societal relevance in the domain of innovation strategy and commercialization/marketing of innovations. ECMI Ghent wants to provide a setting where companies can discuss selected innovation topics together with researchers as well as with peers and learn from each other’s best practices. ECMI Ghent also offers thesis topics for Master students interested in exploring academic research or company problem statements in the domains of innovation and marketing strategy. ECMI Ghent’s close collaborators entail Erasmus University (Erasmus School of Economics) and IESE Business School.