ECMI – About


The Erasmus Center for Marketing and Innovation (ECMI) hosts a research pipeline and connects academics globally to develop methods and concepts at the intersection of marketing and innovation. ECMI aspires to provide firms, managers and society, access to its research findings and state-of-the-art knowledge on the domains it covers.

We are currently focused on the following research domains:

  1. Success drivers of innovation generation methods;
  2. Innovation success metrics;
  3. Adoption and diffusion of innovation;
  4. Determinants of commercial success of innovations;
  5. Commercialization strategy for innovations;
  6. Effectiveness of new media and digital channels/platforms (incl. shared economy);
  7. Effectiveness and controlling of marketing spending;

Our work is based on cross-industry primary data gathering (e.g. large-scale cross-national surveys, field and lab experiments) or the analysis of behavioral data in the automotive, consumer electronics, high-technology and healthcare industries.

Thanks to the collaboration of several of the world’s most renowned thought-leaders in marketing and innovation, our research is recognized, globally, as being at the forefront of knowledge in these domains. In fact, we typically publish our work in top-tier, peer reviewed, academic journals in the fields of marketing and innovation and routinely organize conferences and special sessions in leading conference (such as the European Marketing Academy and INFORMS Marketing Science) on the topic of marketing & innovation.

At the same time, ECMI strives for dual impact, i.e. research that is not only recognized as scientifically state-of-the-art but, importantly, that has a direct impact on the practice of marketing and innovation. Examples of this dual impact include several ongoing projects on grassroots innovation, in which we often involve practitioners to ensure a direct impact of our study and findings on the decisions made by marketing and innovation managers. In one of these projects, we ran a grassroots innovation initiative at Erasmus School of Economics which generated dozens of ideas that promise to shape the future of our school.

International Collaboration
ECMI is a global hub for international researchers interested in the field of marketing and innovation. Within ECMI researchers exchange ideas and start collaborations. For instance, beyond its firm base at Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Center homes leading scholars from school such as the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, as well as early career-scholars globally. ECMI also has close collaboration agreements with two sister centers at IESE Business School (Spain) and University of Ghent (Belgium).

Some of ECMI’s collaborations may lead to an orchestrated network of top researchers with a specialized focus in specific substantive areas within marketing and innovation.